Product Specifications:

Length: 5″ (with connectors)
Weight: 9.4 oz.

Cleaning: Clean by soaking the product in a bath of water and apple cider vinegar, or running through the dishwasher.
Storing: The Mini Shower can be drained and stored in either direction, i.e., spout up or spout down.

Mini Shower

Dynamically Enhanced: $347 USD



Product Description

Imagine showering under a warm waterfall of enlivened, life benefiting, droplets of water. With a Mini Shower Unit you will be getting the same healthy benefits every time you take a shower. Simply twist off your existing shower head, install one of Natural Action Technologies’ Mini Shower (or Super Shower) Units and then position your shower head back on to our Mini Shower Unit . It’s fast and easy!

  • Soft healthy skin and hair

  • More moisture for skin and hair

  • Eliminates itchy skin from chlorinated water

  • No hard water build-up in shower

  • Assists in improving any skin conditions

  • All memory held in water is wiped clean

  • Water that is alive and full of energy

  • Greater sense of well being


Q: I'm interested in purchasing a Structured Water shower unit. What is the difference between the Mini Shower and the Super Shower?

A: The Super Shower unit  has twice the flow forms inside the canister, which has the effect of doubling the energy. Increased energy assists with handling more toxicity in water. In addition, we benefit from its increased aliveness.

The Mini Shower unit also does an amazing job of structuring the water, and due to its small size and light weight it is great for travel.

Q: Which end of the Mini or Super Shower Units is the top end?

A: The top is the end without a brass nipple. It is the end that screws onto the pipe coming out of the wall. The bottom end has a brass nipple at the end of the Mini or Super Shower units and your shower head or nozzle will attach there. Further installation instructions with pictures will also be included with your boxed product when it arrives in the mail.

Q: When I am travelling, can I use my Shower Unit to structure my water?

A: Sure! Just pour your water through either end of the Mini Shower Unit and enjoy Structured Water as it comes out the other end.

Q: I live outside the United States. Can I use the Mini Shower Unit on the pipes where I live?

A: Yes, the Mini Shower Unit works on international metric pipes as well.

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